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The city is working toward creating a circular economy in which materials are recycled and reused as raw materials by industry.

The city of Eureka, Calif., has begun working with consultants from Zero Waste Humboldt to create a citywide zero waste action plan.

The goal of the plan, according to The Redwood Times, is to create a circular economy where waste materials that are recycled can be reused as raw materials by industry instead of being exported to other countries.

Those who attended a recently held meeting had the opportunity to write their suggestions regarding what the city could do to reduce waste. Suggestions included opening a government-run compost waste pickup, supporting small businesses that can use the county’s recycled waste as raw material and education on proper waste disposal, according to the report.

Redwood Times has more information:

Eureka is trying to limit the waste it sends to the landfill by creating a zero waste action plan.

The city and consultants Zero Waste Humboldt launched the planning process at a meeting attended by dozens at the Adorni Center on Wednesday night where locals had the opportunity to give their feedback on what the city could do to encourage both residents and businesses to reduce waste.

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