New video shows how Kennewick residents can participate in Earth Month – YakTriNews KAPP-KVEW

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Just in time for Earth Month, a new video from Waste Management simplifies recycling and explains how Kennewick residents can help make local recycling resilient and successful.

The video takes Kennewick residents inside Waste Management’s regional facility that processes recyclables collected in the city. According to WM, the Spokane Materials and Recycling Technology (SMaRT) Center is the core of a regional strategy to reduce waste and boost recycling.

WM said it’s the vital link between what residents recycle and the end markets where those recyclables are transformed into new products.

The video from WM takes viewers behind the scenes at SMaRT Center, where 100,000 tons of household recyclables are sorted and prepared for shipping to manufacturers every year, according to Waste Management officials.

“Recycling only works when materials are actually made into new products,” said Tami Haggerty, WM’s senior associate for education and outreach. “That’s why it’s up to us to do what we can in our homes, apartments, schools and businesses to make sure we only put acceptable items in our recycling bins.”

“The new video is intended to energize and engage residents about waste reduction and recycling,” Haggerty said. “We’re trying to make recycling easier than ever.”

Kennewick residents can access WM recycling question and answer sheet here, as well as look up their recyclable pick-up day.

Here’s what you can recycle in your mixed recycling bin:

Mail, envelopes, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, paper boxes (cereal boxes, etc.), gift wrap.
Plastic Bottles
(Clean, empty, no caps)
Metal Cans and Containers
Empty and clean aluminum, steel and tin cans and containers (no lids, aerosol cans okay if empty).