Winnebago County Addresses Rural Recycling – Mix 107.3 KIOW –

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors addressed the rural recycling issue by hearing from Waste Management Services and their bid to retain their position in servicing the county. Jay Nieson who is from the Public Sector for the Upper Midwest Office with Waste Management Services explained that the proposal from his company is reflective of increased costs.

The bid placed by Waste Management Services is $5.50 per household or the equivalent of $55,000 per year for the 1,000 or so households which are serviced each year.

Supervisor Terry Durby asked about a specific trailer court who is using another service and if Waste Management figured those individuals into the bidding process.

Nieson stated that in the previous agreement, no one was cancelled out.

Supervisor Susan Smith has been especially concerned about services actually being provided by Waste Management to rural residents. She asked Nieson about the volume of people they had serviced in the past.

What caught the eye of officials within the county is the 30% increase in the new contract from the old one. Nieson explained that this is the cost of doing business.

Winnebago County Auditor Karla Weiss and her office saw a dramatic uptick in the number of issues the county had with the last contract. She and Supervisor Bill Jensvold brought up the number of complaints they had received.

Nieson understood the reason for the complaints but said that now they are fully staffed and have worked out several issues that led to the glitches in service.

Jensvold summed up the situation that the county now faces.

The board will take each of the bids into consideration before they render a decision.